Leung Kai Man visiting Hong Kong

April 6, 2011

Recently Leung Kai Man visited Hong Kong and had dinners with a group of Old Boys on March 31, 2011.

Front row (L – R): Peter Kimpton Wong 黃錦堂    James Ho    何錦昌   Philip Ng   吳績釗    Poon Wai Chau 潘維洲 Wong Wah Hong 黃華漢

Back row(L – R):     Ho Kwok Cho 何國藻   Lam Chi Cheong 林熾昌   Joe Chiu 趙鈺鑫   Ip Moon Wai 葉滿威   Yip Kuen She 葉權樹    Leung Kai Man 梁介文   Richard Ho 何國寧   Richard Yu 余榕光   Hung Ping Kee 洪炳基   Tang Kam Hong 鄧錦康     Anthony Ho 何威爾

L – R:  James Ho  何錦昌   Ip Moon Wai 葉滿威   Lam Chi Cheong 林熾昌   Leung Kai Man 梁介文   Richard Ho 何國寧   Joe Chiu 趙鈺鑫   Yip Kuen She 葉權樹   Ho Kwok Cho 何國藻   Peter Kimpton Wong 黃錦堂    Philip Ng 吳績釗

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